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What I'm most excited about right now: Time Rewind EP I recently mastered for INKAMERA. Released on vinyl on Last Known Trajectory - out now.

me in studio
Crimson Sun Audio is a mastering and mix engineering facility established in 2013 and owned and run by myself, Loz Grover.

I've had the pleasure of working with many different people covering many different genres of music. Some outstandingly good musicians have been mastered here. Head on over to the clients page to find out who...

My background.. I've been heavily involved with music for about 27 years now - both writing and releasing various forms of electronic music as Boc Scadet and, of course, in a technical and creative capacity when mixing and mastering. Shortly before the start of my professional status I achieved a First-class honours BA in Music Technology with Greenwich University. This helped to solidify and concentrate my learning on specific areas and to put a hard earned official stamp on my accumulated knowledge.

I am totally passionate and obsessive about my work making sure that all my clients are completely happy. Please feel free to get in touch and ask me anything audio related.