Recent Work

My Love Of Techno…

…can’t be overstated. It’s my first love in music and I think it all comes down to hearing one particular record when I was very young.

I can’t put into words the effect it had. I was brought up listening to the likes of The Beatles, The Stones, Van Morrison, Dylan, Hendrix… but […]

Covert – A Touched Mystery

A real highlight of my mastering career so far and I don’t even know who I’m mastering… Such was the intense secrecy surrounding this Touched release, I wasn’t even privy to the knowledge of who exactly was responsible for each unique contribution (all except a few who left their artist name in the file […]

Mike Allen ‘Juxt’

Introducing my good friend Mike Allen. A very talented fellow you really ought to seek out and listen to if your tastes lie somewhere in Industrial, Goth and Techno influenced rock and electronic stylings. Dark subject matters are explored and examined within guitar laden, dense atmospheres that recalls bands like NIN, Depeche Mode and […]

Exm ‘llmt’

Back in late 2015 I received an album for mastering by the hitherto unknown to me EXM. I loaded the files into my DAW and hit the spacebar. As each track played out my eyes got wider and my smile increased. This was highly accomplished work within a style of electronic music I happen […]

Touched Two (The Remixes)

I’m very excited to present the remix album of Touched Two. Another huge project undertaken by the tireless(!) Martin Boulton for Macmillan Cancer Support. I was on mastering duties for this which was a wonderful experience. Once again, getting to work with many of my heroes music was slightly surreal and a great pleasure. An […]

Sunseasky Seasons Volume One

Sunseasky is a label that has been around for quite a while now steadily releasing indie rock, post-rock and shoegaze then moving gradually into the more electronic based acts and artists that currently grace the roster. Indeed, my own electronica output as Boc Scadet has been very well supported by them and I’m very pleased […]

Touched By Lights

You may not have heard of Min-Y-Llan. A very hard working musician, label boss and curator of fine electronica compilations. If you have the slightest interest in electronic music you owe it to yourself to give Martin Boulton’s material an attentive listen. His charity compilations Touched and Touched Two are both astounding achievements in artist […]

Mastering Blu Inc’s Wonderfully Soulful House

I recently had the pleasure of working with House act Blu Inc. Their music brings back a golden era when House music was all about infusing the dancefloor with a spiritually uplifting feeling that stayed close to its true disco and gospel influences. Mastering their music was a real pleasure (being a huge House fan […]