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Covert – A Touched Mystery

covert cover
A real highlight of my mastering career so far and I don’t even know who I’m mastering… Such was the intense secrecy surrounding this Touched release, I wasn’t even privy to the knowledge of who exactly was responsible for each unique contribution (all except a few who left their artist name in the file title!). This actually presented some unique challenges in terms of mastering. As technical a skill as mastering is, there is still an element of the subjective and the creative. You hand a track to 10 different engineers and you will get 10 slightly different results. Often, one will reference previous releases by clients as part of the process. This, of course, was largely not possible here.

Aside from this, it was an awesome experience and something that I’m very proud to have been a part of. Indeed the challenges described above made it even more memorable for me. It was also a joy (and still is) to see the various forum discussions across the internet that attempt to figure out who is who. I have my ideas (and I’ve had a few confirmed) but there are still a good few I’m as in the dark about as you all are.

Check it out here and happy sleuthing… 🙂


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