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Exm ‘llmt’

exm llmt cover
Back in late 2015 I received an album for mastering by the hitherto unknown to me EXM. I loaded the files into my DAW and hit the spacebar. As each track played out my eyes got wider and my smile increased. This was highly accomplished work within a style of electronic music I happen to love. Intricate backdrops full of angular and sharp, yet somehow soft, textures dance playfully behind interesting timbres that hold the foreground. Complex and satisfying percussion completes the slightly funk fuelled and grooving (in places) picture. It very much reminds me of a certain famous high profile Warp duo who have been slowly changing my perception of what music is and can be for around 20 years now.

The mastering itself was a real pleasure as the tracks were very well produced and mixed. EXM deserves much credit for such a beautiful first album. Released on the Touched label, check it out here…

EXM llmt

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