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Mike Allen ‘Juxt’

mike allen juxt cover
Introducing my good friend Mike Allen. A very talented fellow you really ought to seek out and listen to if your tastes lie somewhere in Industrial, Goth and Techno influenced rock and electronic stylings. Dark subject matters are explored and examined within guitar laden, dense atmospheres that recalls bands like NIN, Depeche Mode and perhaps even hints of Throbbing Gristle and Coil in places. His 4th and latest album ‘Juxt’, released on the Sunseasky label, is a further development of this sound which features more electronic elements than his previous work.

Juxt has heavy guitars, intense arrangements and sparser moments of almost ambient beauty in equal measure. Darkness pervades but light shines through at many junctures throughout the journey. It’s a highly enjoyable long player that provokes thought and a desire to turn up the volume knob… A real joy to master.

As well as being available to download digitally it comes in a unique packaging option (pictured below). A credit card style exclusively designed flash drive can be plugged in to a usb slot and played directly. This comes inside a magnetically sealed plastic case that will stand out on the shelf in your music collection.

Check it out here…

Mike Allen Juxt
juxt packaging

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