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My Love Of Techno…

…can’t be overstated. It’s my first love in music and I think it all comes down to hearing one particular record when I was very young.

I can’t put into words the effect it had. I was brought up listening to the likes of The Beatles, The Stones, Van Morrison, Dylan, Hendrix… but none of them had anything like the effect that this brutal, minimalist take on pure rhythm had on me at the age of around 6 or 7. I could write a dissertation on why I believe Kraftwerk’s ‘Numbers’ to be arguably the most important modern record ever made. It almost single-handedly provided the blueprint for Techno and Electro in one three and a half minute composition and it came along at exactly the right time to be heard by millions.

Most of my Techno discoveries during my formative years came from listening to the legendary John Peel show – one of the very few BBC radio programs that was ever worth listening to – and it was here that I heard ‘Deviant Behaviour’ by Mike Dearborn.

Honestly, it totally blew my mind. It showed what could be done with Techno. An eerie, tough sounding, alien world was instantly created inside my head that remains just as other worldly every time I listen to it to this day.

Fast forward to my 39th year and Techno is still, easily, what I immerse myself in the most. To me, it’s the most honest, bare presentation of pure rhythm, funk, groove and imagination. It consistently eschews all known (and constantly repeated) ‘formula’ chord and melody structures in favour of reinventing itself with almost every new record that bears the ‘Techno’ label. In my mind, Techno is as fresh and anarchic as it ever was.

I love to master techno too. Going through my compressors to find the one that lifts and enhances the groove in the most pleasing, musical way is something I look forward to every time I get a four to the floor track in my email attachments. Send me your techno and I will give it the love it deserves 🙂

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