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Mastering is the process of making music suitable for distribution via any medium of your choice. This can be digital, cd or vinyl etc. This involves both corrective measures to ensure translation to all playback systems and processing for maximum enhancement of the material. This generally means equalisation, compression, limiting, stereo image adjustments, signal saturation etc. and removal of extraneous noises if any are present. For albums and eps this involves creating a sonic flow between tracks such that they 'belong' together when played back as a whole. I charge an extra 20% for multiple formats so if both digital and vinyl versions are needed, for example, please let me know.

£25 per track

£225 for an album of up to 12 tracks

£300 for an album of 13 tracks or more

£300 for a compilation album

Stem Mastering

Stem mastering sits somewhere between mixing and traditional mastering. It means providing your track as 2 or more 'stems' ie. a stereo file with the drums, another one with the bassline, another with the synths and another with the vocals for example. This affords more control over the process and also allows for producers who are less experienced with mixing and wish to take advantage of additional help in this regard.

£40 per track


£150 - £200 per song varying upon track count and the amount of editing to be carried out eg. vocal tuning, timing corrections etc. This includes mastering. Please get in touch for a custom price. Examples of my mixes are on the 'listen' page.


I will send you a paypal invoice for the total amount due once the work has been carried out and you are happy with the result. I expect this to be paid promptly within a few days to a week upon sending.